Intensive English for Academic Presentations

Trainer: Christopher Harbin

Date: from 22 to 25 October

Time: 9:00 – 11:00 / 11:30 – 13:30

Place: ASECTU ; Résidence Yosr, advice 2éme étage Avenue Hédi Nouira Ennasr2 

Fees: 70 dinars


 Purpose of course:

This course is intended for economists and business academics who wish to improve their oral proficiency in English for the purpose of giving academic presentations to an international audience.  There will also be some time devoted to the preparation of papers for academic purposes.


The ultimate goal of the course is for the participants to become more confident and fluent presenters in English, and to gain a better understanding of the conventions needed to give an academic presentation. Through presenting, discussions, interactive tasks, observations, and participant and teacher feedback, you will develop your skills to deliver your academic presentation to an international audience.


This course concentrates primarily on both the English for presentations and the English necessary for the academic field of economics. This course will require participation by the students and all participants are expected to prepare a short presentation in English. The other participants will act as the audience and give feedback in English.


Naturally attention will also be paid to the structure of a lecture and to non-verbal aspects such as body language and the use of tools.  One session will be concentrated on the writing of papers for publication.


Upon completion of the course, participants:

1.  Are able to present in English with increased confidence;

2.  Have developed conventions needed to deliver academic presentations;

3. Are able to identify gaps and “trouble spots” in their own English in the      areas of pronunciation, grammar, and oral interaction;

4.  Communicate with increased fluency and accuracy in English;

5.  Can apply appropriate style (phrases) and language for presentations;

6. can develop their presentation (power point) to act as a communication    tool;

7.  Can handle questions in English with more ease.

8. Are more comfortable with writing in English.


Course Outline

Session 1 (Monday, 900-1100):         Introduction and first article review

Session 2 (Monday, 1130-1330):       Grammar and basic writing practice

Session 3 (Tuesday 900-1100):          Second article review

Session 4 (Tuesday 1130-1330):        Writing process (planning, writing and reviewing)

Session 5 (Wednesday 900-1100):    Third article review

Session 6 (Wednesday 1130-1330): Cohesion and Coherence

Session 7 (Thursday 900-1100):        Fourth article review

Session 8 (Thursday 1130-1330):      Article writing


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